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4 Benefits of Solar Panels

At the end of 2020, there were 2.7 million residential solar systems in the US. Since then, the number’s only gone up, as solar energy is much more accessible and affordable than in the past.

As more Americans flock to solar energy, you might be interested in installing a system on your own home. But considering it requires a large upfront investment, you might be on the fence about it.

In that case, read on for 4 benefits of solar panels you can get! We’ll show you that it’s worth it to go solar.

1. You’ll Reduce Your Utility Bills

If your energy bill is always eating a hole in your bank account, then you’ll definitely benefit from a solar energy system. This decreases your reliance on the grid and generates “free” energy gathered from the sun’s rays.

This means you’ll see an immediate reduction in your utility bills and you’ll start saving pronto!

An added bonus is if you live somewhere that allows net metering, you can sell back excess energy to the utility company. Your solar system will pay for itself in no time!

2. You’ll Also Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Do you feel guilty about your current carbon footprint? You might recycle paper and glass, reuse things until they fall apart, and collect gray water for reuse, but it never feels like enough.

The good news is, solar power is renewable energy, which means it doesn’t hurt the environment to collect and use it. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint drastically when you go solar!

3. You Can Get Rebates and Tax Benefits

If you find the cost of solar panel installation too much, don’t lose hope yet. For one, you can rent a system instead of buying one.

Also, there are rebates and tax benefits on both the state and federal levels. For example, there are solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) and the federal investment tax credit (ITC) you’ll qualify for.

If you need help navigating these rebates and tax benefits, a reputable company like Blue Raven can lend a helping hand.

4. You’ll Raise Your House’s Value

Today’s homeowners are looking for modern and energy-saving features, so a solar system will bump up your home’s value.

Even if you’re not planning on selling, this increase in home value means you can build more equity. If you need to borrow money from your lender, then this amount will be higher after a solar installation.

Have Solar Panels Installed on Your Home

Solar panels come with a number of benefits, and these are just 4! We hope these are enough to convince you to convert to solar, as not only will this help the environment, but also your finances.

The next step is to consult with an installer. So what are you waiting for? Get a solar system up and running to start enjoying its numerous benefits!

If you want to learn more about alternative energy, then keep reading our blog page!

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