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Top 10 Best CCTV Camera For Home in 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Well, today we are going to talk about CCTV Cameras. Considering today’s scenario, it is of utmost importance that we take care of ourselves and our family members. Installing a CCTV Camera not only gives us a sense of responsibility but also ease of mind for the security of loved ones. 

Due to the booming market of CCTV cameras, there are a lot of cameras that are packed with features that may astound you renderless. So you must be wondering which one to choose. What are the things that make a CCTV camera best in the market? What are the things I need to see before making a purchase?

Well, don’t worry about that anymore.  Our team has gone through an extensive process of elimination to come up with the Top 10 CCTV Cameras in India. We have kept in mind the needs of the individual and collaborated data that will be helpful for people who are willing to install these cameras either for personal use or for official use. 

So just sit tight and go through our list to choose the camera that suits you best.

Top 10 Best CCTV Camera For Home in 2020

1) ThinkValue WiFi Model T8855

2) ProElite IP01AX CCTV

3) D3D Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Model D8801

4) D3D Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Model D8810

5) Sricam SP Series SP005 CCTV

6) Mi MJSXJ02CM Camera

7) Royallite Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV

8) YI Home Camera

9) Hikvision DS-2CE1AD0T-IRP

10) CP PLUS 2 HD CCTV Cameras

Now let us take each one of them individually.

ThinkValue WiFi Model T8855

ThinkValue WiFi Model T8855

This camera comes with features like a speaker, WIFI Antenna, and a microphone. This camera is top on our list with a rating of 4.6 stars. It is packed with features that everyone is looking in a CCTV camera. The best part of this camera is night vision and two-way communication feature.


Quick and Easy WIFI Setup

Remote Control Access through smartphones.

Horizontal and vertical rotating camera.

128 GB Capacity

Motion Detection Feature.

Night Vision up to 16 feet in darkness

Two-way audio facility.

ProElite IP01AX CCTV

ProElite IP01AX CCTV

The second on our list is this camera. This camera has a sleek and compact design. It comes with features like siren and Wi-Fi antenna. It has a multi-user platform giving the facility of simultaneous watching by 4 users at a time. There are several other   features that are listed below:


Live Demo Feature.

Quick and Easy Wi-Fi setup and configuration.

Smartphone access and remote control features.

Two-way communication feature.

Motion Detector

Multi-User Feature.

Pan Angle- 355 degrees and Tilt Angle- 120 degrees.

D3D Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Model D8801

D3D Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Model D8801

This is a black and sturdy looking camera that has made its way to the third spot on our list. People who are looking for a stylish and sleek design, then this is the best option for them. It comes with a coverage area of 110 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally. So the coverage area is pretty wide for this camera. 


Up to 10 meters Night Vision feature.

Video chatting facility with two way communication.

Multiple user functions.

Video and image saving facility in mobile and tablet

Pan Angle- 355 degree

Tilt Angle- 110 degrees.

Easy operation and Installation.

Motion detector

Cloud storage facility.

D3D Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Model D8810

D3D Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Model D8810

This camera comes in white colour. This white colour makes this camera more eloquent. This camera makes it to our list because of its lightweight. This camera has a maximum tilt angle of 120 degrees. Because of these features, it is fourth on our list.


Pan Angle- 355 degree and Tilt Angle- 110 degree.

Cloud Storage and recording facility.

Infra-Red Night Vision Facility.

Motion Detection and alarm.

High-Resolution picture quality.

Easy setup and operation.

Two-way audio communication.

Sricam SP Series SP005 CCTV

Sricam SP Series SP005 CCTV

This product has the lowest customer ratings but still, it makes it to the fifth position on our list. This is because of the features this camera offers. The best part of this camera is that even though it is heavy in design, it still offers amazing features like alarm function through email. This function can be accessed in 3 email accounts.


Pan angle-355 degrees and Tilt angle-90 degrees.

Live Demo feature through the Sricam app.

Motion detector with alarm feature.

Infra-Red Night Vision feature.

Two-way audio feature.

Email alarm function.

Picture capturing facility while live video streaming.

Mi MJSXJ02CM Camera

Mi MJSXJ02CM Camera

This camera makes our list with features like backed night vision, motion detector, 360-degree pan angle. This camera is considered one of the best cameras for personal and official use as well. The camera comes with MI Home App that comes in both android and iOS versions.


Night recording feature.

Two-way audio communication.

Vision angle-360 degree rotation.

High Resolution (1080p) picture quality.

Simple installation.

64 Gb storage facility through SD card.

Without an internet recording feature.

Royallite Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV

Royallite Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV

This camera is packed with features like night vision, live feed and 360-degree rotation. It has a bandwidth that is able to control all the available connected devices. This camera can be remotely accessed to tilt around the corners for enhanced security.


Easy Installation.

360-degree rotation.

2-way audio communication.

Cloud recording with a 1-year warranty.

Great picture quality.

Multiple screen viewing option.

Economical pricing.

YI Home Camera

YI Home Camera

This camera comes with the facility of accessing and monitoring your home from any other location. The camera has 720p resolution with night vision of a 3-meter range.

This product comes with a microphone facility with an anti-noise filter for better 2-way audio communication. It has other features like activity region defining, customization of alert schedules and camera sharing features. 


Motion detector with alert function.

Baby cry detector.

Cloud storage facility.

Infra-red night vision with 720p resolution.

1-year warranty.

Hikvision DS-2CE1AD0T-IRP

Hikvision DS-2CE1AD0T-IRP

This camera has a full HD display with a fine angle adjustment feature. This camera has a pan angle of 360 degrees and a tilt angle of 180 degrees.

It has low power consumption with a power consumption of only 4W. Thus this is the best energy saver camera available in the market.


Coaxial cable for video transmission.

Natural live image.

Two-way audio communication feature.

Easy installation and configuration.



This camera is the last one on our list with features like night vision, live monitoring and video recording.

There is actually no need to install any extra software for this camera. This camera is suitable for both home and office use. It comes with a one year warranty.


High storage facility.

Wide variety of functions.

High-resolution picture.

Quick and easy installation.

Pocket-friendly camera.

This concludes our list of the top 10 best CCTV cameras here. We have done all the hard work and come up with this list after our extensive and thorough research. So just select one as per need and keep you and your family safe.

A website dedicated to giving people a perfect buyer’s guide so as to help them choose the best product for themselves. While screening products, we keep our eyes blindfolded for the brand name engraved in the product so as to ensure an unbiased review. There are multiple steps that we take while preparing this list, which includes checking out the specifications, features reviews prices, etc. Happy Shopping !!!!


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