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Best Free Cleanup Software for Your PC

PC cleanup tools are a great way to make sure that your PC remains optimized to its full potential. While they understandably cannot fix all of your machine’s issues, they will certainly make it run much more smoothly. The purpose of these tools is to detect what data you do not frequently use, to remove all unnecessary files to free up space and make the operation of different software easier on your computer.

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Released nearly two decades ago, CCleaner is one of the most well-known PC cleaners available online. With just one click, you can use this utility to get rid of any unwanted data on your PC and fix any existing issues. This includes things like outdated applications and unnecessary files that may be contributing to slowing your PC down.

CCleaner is available on both Windows 10 and macOS, which is why it has millions of users worldwide. While it can be trusted to do the job well, it is still completely free; this comes with the drawback that there is little protection against possible viruses that could get into your PC and potentially harm it through this application.

Storage Sense

For Windows 10 users, there is really no need to download external apps when they have this built-in utility. It allows users to save space on their PC, while giving them the option to customize what data they would like deleted by categorizing it in bulk, instead of having to do it manually.

You can set it up to periodically clean certain folders in your PC, along with the routine Recycle Bin cleanup that it does every 30 days. You can even manage app-related residual files, or automatically get rid of them through just a few clicks. All you have to do is go to settings, look for Storage Sense and choose the “Clean Now” option, and you’re good to go.

Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup offers a breakdown of different optimization services so that you know exactly what the issue is in every part of your PC. It then allows you to fix these issues either manually, or through the click of a single button. The user interface is extremely helpful and guides you well. It gives you all the options from within the software, so you will not have to do anything manually. Avast Cleanup Premium can perform actions like putting apps that are unnecessarily running in the background to sleep, as well as getting rid of junk files from old applications.

The free version of this utility will only last you for three months as a trial, but this is possibly the most reliable way to make sure your PC keeps running smoothly. If you are satisfied with how it manages your data and optimizes your computer, getting the membership may just be worth it.

Disk Cleanup

For older versions of Windows, this built-in PC cleaner is your best bet. This can also be used as a replacement for Storage Cleaner on Windows 10. When something is downloaded from the internet, it has a lot of excess files that remain even after the application is deleted. Disk Cleanup will help you get rid of those files, freeing up several Gigabytes of data, improving the performance of your computer significantly.

Disk Cleanup is a very basic utility that makes it slightly easier to clean up junk from your computer; it performs actions that may be done manually without consuming too much of your time. If you do not run a lot of heavy software on your PC and just require basic operations to run smoothly, this is for you.

Advanced SystemCare Free

This is another software for Windows users. It performs functions like clearing out browsing data, optimizing the machine’s startup, and deleting junk files. It can also improve RAM usage, along with detecting outdated drivers in your PC. It has a pro version that users can opt for if they like, however, for basic cleaning functions, the free version should suffice.

To Conclude

Having a way to optimize your PC with only a few clicks is extremely convenient, compared to having to pay a professional to do it for you. A cleanup software will update your drivers, get rid of excess files and significantly reduce lag. There is no reason not to get one of these software for your PC, especially since they’re free!

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