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Butterfly Wet Grinder

A butterfly wet grinder is one of the most popular types of wet grinder available in the market today. Its many benefits include 2 litre capacity, Easy to clean and maintain, and safety features. Read on to find out more about these popular kitchen appliances. These appliances are great for many purposes, including food preparation, especially for Indian cuisine. They grind various food grains into batters or pastes. However, choosing the right one can be tricky and difficult.

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2 litre capacity

The Butterfly wet grinder comes in two-litre capacities. The Rhino Plus model is ideal for preparing batter in large quantities. It features a single speed setting and a single-phase motor, which make it ideal for preparing enough batter in a short time. Order one online at Snapdeal and start enjoying the convenience of grinding your food in minutes. It will deliver your favorite meal in no time. Read on to learn more about this product.

The Rhino Plus 2 litre table top wet grinder by Butterfly is an excellent choice for your grinding needs. The high-quality ABS design and two-litre capacity will meet your needs. The grinder has a 900-rpm speed and 150-watt motor. The transparent arm lid and detachable stainless steel drum ensure that the grinded food comes out perfectly. The Rhino Plus model has a warranty of five years.

The Hippo table top wet grinder by Butterfly is equipped with a 150-watt motor. It offers a two-litre capacity and a detachable stainless steel drum. It is shock-proof, and comes with two durable stones. Its powerful motor and four-way grinding system will grind your ingredients evenly. The ABS body makes it easy to clean the grinder after use. The stainless steel drum and roller stone assembly can be detached to make the cleaning process easier.

The price of the Rhino 2 Ltr Wet Grinder from Butterfly can be bought online from Flipkart. The price is dependent on various external parameters such as the seller’s stock and time it takes to deliver the product. It is available on Flipkart for a price of Rs. 8,349/-. You can read more about this product on the Butterfly Rhino 2 Ltr Wet Grinder Review video.

Easy to clean

A good wet grinder should have an easy to clean jar. The jar should be made of a durable material. It is also important to ensure that the jar is dishwasher safe. Those that are not dishwasher safe should avoid purchasing the machine. You can clean the grinder easily by following the instructions included with the wet grinder. To maintain the durability of the grinder, you should regularly clean it. You can use a sponge to wipe off the excess batter after use.

Using the proper cleaning solutions is essential to maintain a Butterfly wet grinder. If the grinder is not cleanable, you may have to invest in another one. This machine is made of ABS plastic, which is shock and heat resistant. Its ABS body is shock proof and has a five-year warranty. This means that you can be sure that the wet grinder will last for years to come. The manufacturer of the wet grinder provides you with a repair kit in case there are problems.

The Butterfly wet grinder comes with a variety of attachments, an instruction manual, and a warranty card. You can also purchase a spare motor or the entire wet grinder if you are not satisfied with your purchase. You can purchase a Butterfly wet grinder both online and offline. Founded over five decades ago, Butterfly was one of the first stainless steel products made in India. With its smooth outer body and easy cleaning tools, this product will not only save your time but also keep your kitchen sanitary.

It’s easy to clean the drum of a butterfly wet grinder. You can wash the stone under water using a sponge or a damp cloth. After washing the machine, don’t forget to dry the whole unit. Always remember to dry the grinder before storing it. If you leave it out overnight, the wet grinder could damage the motor. And don’t forget to let it dry completely. The wet grinder should be thoroughly cleaned after every use.

Easy to maintain

The Butterfly wet grinder is one of the best wet grinders in the market. This type of grinder is compact, easy to handle, and comes with various attachments. Its body is sturdy and easy to clean. It also comes with a two-liter jar. Moreover, it is a reliable and easy-to-maintain product. There are certain steps that you should follow when using a wet grinder.

First of all, it is important to clean your wet grinder regularly. This will prevent the buildup of limescale and rust, which can damage the grinder. Second, clean the cylinder after grinding. The lid should be cleaned every time you use it to prevent food residues. Thirdly, you should check the motor for faulty performance. Ensure that the wet grinder has a low power consumption. By doing this, you will be able to avoid any future problems.

Butterfly wet grinders are known for their durability and easy-to-maintain design. Its cylinders should be easy to clean and are built with quality ABS plastic. Aside from being durable and rust-proof, the butterfly wet grinder also features a safety lock feature and detachable stainless steel drum. This type of grinder is easy to maintain with a mild detergent and a soft nylon sponge.

A Butterfly wet grinder requires a 230V AC-50Hz power supply. It also comes with an automatic shut-off system that prevents overheating. It grinds materials quickly and has a dough-kneading attachment. This wet grinder weighs around 10 Kilograms. The grinder also has detachable rubber stones and stainless steel drum. Lastly, it has an on/off switch, which is helpful if you need to turn the wet grinder off.

Safety features

The safety features of Butterfly wet grinders are among the best in the market. These grinders are made of high-quality materials and come with different features that ensure their durability and performance. They come with one drum for wet grinding and two cylindrical stones. Moreover, they have a safety lock system that prevents the grinding drum from being opened accidentally. These wet grinders are also easy to clean with mild detergent and a soft nylon sponge.

Aside from the jar and the motor, the butterfly wet grinder comes with a power cord that is 180 cm long. This model has a 240 volt power cord and a ventilator that cools down the grinder body. The two-litre Butterfly wet grinder has a Red ABS body. It is made of quality plastic and is durable enough to be used regularly without cracking. It can grind different types of food and has an easy-to-clean design.

The two-litre Butterfly Rhino table top grinder comes with a stainless steel drum and roller stone assembly. It has uniform pressure and is easy to use. It comes with a Dough Kneader and a Coconut Scraper. It is also aesthetically designed and comes with safety lock and transparent arm lid. It has a powerful single-phase motor and a detachable roller stone assembly and stainless steel drum.

The Butterfly wet grinders come with a two-year warranty and a detachable stainless steel grinding drum. They are easy to shift and have a compact design. They are durable and easy to use. The motors of both models are 150 Watt, which is suitable for domestic use. They also operate at frequencies of fifty to sixty Hertz. Besides that, the table top grinder is made of ABS plastic, which allows it to withstand the heat from grinding food. The conical rolling stone assemblage makes the grinding process very smooth.


Butterfly wet grinders are available at different prices. You can choose the model you need from the wide range of models available. Buying a new wet grinder can be a hassle-free task if you have an easy way to compare prices. You can check out expert reviews and price comparison to find the best one for your kitchen. In addition to that, you can save money by comparing prices on the same model.

The price of Butterfly wet grinder is competitive in the market. The price of Butterfly Rhino 2 Ltr wet grinder is Rs 4399, which is 13% lesser than the market price. Flipkart is also a good place to buy this wet grinder as it offers a number of payment options, including Cash on Delivery. This price is based on the specifications of the Butterfly Rhino wet grinder and the price of the unit at the time of the sale.

The Butterfly Rhino 2 Ltr Wet Grinder is currently available on Flipkart, Amazon, and Shopclues for the price of Rs. 7689. However, the price can vary significantly, based on external parameters, time and area of delivery, and the quantity of stock available at the store. Flipkart is the best place to compare prices on these items. There are also many online retailers offering a wide range of prices, including Butterfly wet grinders.



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