Best Autoresponders for your business needs in 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Autoresponder For Your Business In 2020

Before diving into the list of best Autoresponders, let me tell you some amazing facts that will blow you mind.

With the potential involved and the proven benefits that it has given to business owners, Email marketing is the hit favourite strategy of every digital marketer out there.

Autoresponders: A perfect helping hand for scaling your business

As per the statistics 60% of the digital marketers say that Email marketing is the biggest source of income and gives them the highest ROI.

Talking about the definition of Autoresponder, it is a time based message or email that is send to the visitor which signs up for your email list. It is a way of automating your email messages so that you don’t have to take the pain or doing it manually. In the nutshell autoresponder allows you to send pre-written messages automatically.

Additionally, with auto responders you have the option to create a sequence automated email responses and you can choose when these messages have to be delivered.

This is the simplest form of marketing automation with a very huge potential. If this automation is done properly, this can bring a huge revenue for your business.

Multiple Options to Choose From:

There are a number of autoresponder software available in the market that offer a different set of features. Choosing the best autoresponder can be cumbersome for especially if you a newbie.

This article is written with the intent to help you choose the best one for your business.

A number of features were analysed while preparing the list. Features like ease of use, pricing, post-sales support etc were the key points that were kept in mind while preparing the list.

Note: The best part with these softwares is that they all offer a trail offer free of cost. Hence you can leverage free autoresponder for some time so as to give you a glimpse of what you will be getting in the package. Only after full satisfaction then you can go ahead and opt for a pro version.

Let’s dive straight into the list:

1)  GetResponse

In our rigorous analysis list, GetResponse managed to secure the first spot.

With next level of email automation functionality, this is a complete marketing platform. You just need to do getresponse login anf avail its awesome features.

Tools for landing page designs, webinars and forms are there to help you automate your business. 

The user has multiple option to trigger mails. Triggers like behavioral, contact property, and time-based triggers (i.e. autoresponders) are there to choose.

Autoresponder feature is in Getresponder is very flexible. You can build email follow-up sequences with the following features:

Drag-and-drop message management

Unlimited messages per day

Easy cycle management

Advanced timing control

Day-of-the-week selection

Quick message edits

What I find the best is this software is the ease of making a time based autoresponders. Even a layman can accomplish this task without any issues.


Prices are no match to the features that you can leverage with Getresponse. Pricing starts at $10/month where you can use a list size of 1000.

2) Aweber

A bit costly compared to other softwares, Awebber is known all over the world for its inbox deliverability. If you are looking to manage a small list of around 10 thousand subscribers then Aweber is the best option.

The downside is that it doesn’t allows you to add leads from an offline source.

All in all it gives you an impressive autoresponder email system.

3) HubSpot

Next in our list is HubSpot. A very powerful autoresponder with a number of awesome features. A complete email marketing package in my view.

In Hubspot, there are two ways to send response over email to person who fills up form on your page.

·       Through follow-up email in the form options

·       Through automated email. A pro features which is available with Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise only.

The first option is a very easy click setup. You need to set up a follow-up email and it will delivered automatically when someone fills up you lead form.

Hubspot’s overflow is a home to awesome features. You have an option of highly targeted follow up email assignment options.

The user have the liberty of  setting up  a sequence of several autoresponder emails and sending behaviourally targeted messages.


Aside this you can easily integrate Hubspot’d form builder with cross platform autoresponder solutions.

4) Klaviyo

This autoresponder is famous particularly in the e-commerce industry. It has got some of the coolest automation features especially for behaviour triggered emails.

Using this the user has the got the option to trigger an autoresponder email sequence for any event. The condition here is that you have the contact’s email address with you. Due to this you have the option to trigger abandoned cart emails also/

Additonally, you have the option to send automated thank you emails after a purchase, customer satisfaction surveys after the purchase is done, and cross-sell emails given to buyers.

Upto 250 email addresses Klaviyo is free to use. After that you have the option a plan that best suits your need.

5) MailChimp

Mailchimp autoresponder is the best option if you are in your initial phase of your business. It has got a plan which is free for lifetime. The user has the option to add 500 ids into the list.

Once your threshold goes beyond 500 email ids then you will have to opt out for a plan. Scaling and automation here required a bit of expertise in the software. But one you start spending sometime with this software, things will be very easy for you.

6) ConvertKit

An email marketing software built especially for bloggers, designers and podcaster etc. It is a gift for marketing whose main intent is to do inbound marketing.

A very simple dashboard which makes it very easy for anyone to use. Equipped with features like forms, analytics and other automation features makes it the best platform for inbound marketing.

7) Constant Contact

Constant Contact

A very simple and easy dashboard to use makes it one of the most popular email marketing tool.

Awesome pre-made templates is made available to the user so that you don’t have to take the pain.

Additionally list building tools, simple to use drag and drop editor, and autoresponder sequence are imbibed into this awesome software for an enhanced user’s experience.

Editing templates requires a bit of knowledge of HTML, hence this is especially famous amongst people who have a good hands on experience with HTML. 

8) Autopilot

Known for its easy to use visual editor, this is yet another email marketing, messaging and automation platform which is worth a try.

You can create simple time sequences autoresponder. A pro platform for sophisticated messaging and targeting, this is definitely worth a try

9) Omnisend

Yet another popular tool in the e-commerce industry, this is one of the top rated email marketing software as voted by happy users worldwide.

Equipped with advanced autoresponder features, this software allows the user to create interesting automation funnels where you can includes multiple channels like email, push notification, SMS, Facebook messenger, Whatspp, Viber and many more.

You may be losing out  a number of feature if you are not from e commerce industry, but anyways you can use it as for other industry as well.

The free plan include 15000 mails per month and you can leverage basic functions. For pro feature check plans and pricing.

10) InfusionSoft

This software tool is intended to handle large enterprises handling more than 50000 subscribers at a time. It combines your cart to email marketing so that you can do complex stuffs like a pro and with utmost ease.

It can do the segregation of your subscribers or your mail sequence to specific people.

The downside of this software is that it is very costly and hence suited for large scale companies. 

11) iContact

A perfect fit for small and medium sized marketers. User can leverage the option to import outside lists. Additionally the user can add list manually

12) 1ShoppingCart

This software is the best answer to payment processing and email marketing. Segregation is very easy here.  You can segregate list and mail tobuyers only or can mail to entire list also.

The downside is the delivery rate. The delivery rate is not that high.

All in all autoresponders can very handy and cut down a hell lot of work so that you can concentrate on other important points in your business. Autoresponders can help
you is sending on-boarding mails, sales pitch and many other options.

Now wonder why these autoresponders and email marketing softwares are a must for your business.

Happy Marketing !

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