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Emoha: Emotional Happiness for Elders

Elders are the shining stars of a family. Giving them the life they deserve and offering them the care to keep them healthy is what every child wants. There is no relationship as precious and as strong as that of a parent and a child. A child does the best for their parents, offering good home health care services, or providing everything they need on time. But, what if you live miles away from your parents and your parents live alone?

Well, in that case, always know that you can count on Emoha Elder Care to support your parents whenever the need be.

Emoha is a community of more than 3500 empowered elders happily living their elderly lives at their homes’ comfort. Emoha is an envelope of care exclusively designed to provide in home care services, smart home care (assisted living services), and much more. Right from health, convenience, engagement, safety, and emergency, Emoha takes care of every need of an elder.

As the CEO & founder of Emoha Elder Care says, “If you turn around Emoha, it’s A-Home.” It is all about the emotional happiness of the elders. It’s about fighting the biggest disease for the elderly i.e., the disease of loneliness. At Emoha, we especially take care that none of our elders feel lonely or depressed because of being alone at home. With regular care calls, daily interactive sessions, 24/7 care support, and more, Emoha ensures that the elders are happily engaged with their extended family members.

Read on to know more about what the elders’ children have to say about Emoha.

Reviews about Emoha Elder Care by Our Elders & Their Children

Emoha Elders, Mr. & Mrs. Bhattacharya, say, “We both are Emoha members, and we are absolutely pleased to be a part of it.”

At Emoha, we aim at making the world a better place for elders. Keeping the elders first, we connect the dots to help them make their life simple and energizing.

Ms. Subha Bhatia, one of the Emoha elders’ daughter, says, “My deepest gratitude for Emoha for what they are doing. This is one of its kind of services. This is the first time that such a concept has been introduced in India.”

Emoha aims to offer the best to its elders, be it a nurse at home, smart care home assistance, helping out with daily errands, providing emergency support or what so ever.

Why Trust Emoha Elder Care?

Emoha is an extended family of more than 3500 elders and has saved above 60 lives. For Emoha, all that matters is the elders’ happiness and good health, so our team leaves no stone unturned in letting the elders know how important they are for us as a family.

How Does Emoha Handle Emergencies?

At Emoha, emergencies are managed as if they are happening in a routine manner. Our Emergency Responder Team has got our defense person and a paramedic equipped with life-saving equipment. The team is well-trained and certified to manage any kind of health emergencies. With a quick intervention and expertise in handling emergencies, our Emergency Responder Team has managed to save more than 60 lives until the date and pledge to serve the elders whenever needed.

What are the services offered by Emoha Elder Care?

Emoha is a one-stop solution to all your eldercare needs. Aiming to make the post-retirement phase the best for you, Emoha provides health care services, engagement sessions, convenience support, emergency care, and fulfills the safety requirements with the help of AI-enabled sensors.

To gift your parents the envelope of care, reach out to us at 1800-123-44-5555 and make your parents’ lives full of happiness, love, and never-ending care!

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