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Getresponse Review: A comprehensive analysis of this email marketing software

After having used Getresponse email marketing software for over an year, I am going to write a comprehensive review on this software.

Pros and Cons are two sides of a coin. So you cannot expect anything to be flawless.

However frankly speaking the features and the functionality that I have got while using this Getresponse software nullifies the effect of cons to zero.

Before starting let me list out the questions that you will get answers to after walking through this article

What is Getresponse and how this can be beneficial for my business?

What is the available plans and pricing?

Why should I opt for get response where there are other options to choose?

I am already using a different CRM software, can I migrate to Getresponse?

Read this article and you will get to know all the answers right away.

An introduction to Getresponse

Getresponse is an email marketing tool with a hell lot of features. There are so many features you will get tired using them but they are not going to end. Using this software you can:

  • Create Newsletters for your subscribers
  • Create a mailing list to capture leads.
  • Automate your emails via autoresponder function.
  • Track your emails. Open rate, CTR (click through rate ) and forwards etc.
  • Additionally functionalities like landing pages design, automated sales funnels, webinar hosting and CRM functionality is also provided by Getresponse.

Getresponse Pricing:

Getresponse Pricing

Getresponse Login

There are four plans to choose from. You can go ahead and choose one based on your requirements.

  • Basic- $ 15 per month (Unlimited emails up to 1000 subscribers)
  • Plus- starting price is $49 per month for up to 1000 subscribers
  • Professional- starting price is $99 per month for up to 1000 subscribers
  • Enterprise- starting price is $1199 per month for more than 100000 subscribers.

As the lists grows you can upgrade your plan to the one that suits the best for you.

Common between all plans

All the plans include the below-mentioned features.

  • Autoresponder Functionality
  • Ability to import, grow and hosting of the mailing list.
  • Selection of themes
  • Responsive email design
  • Split Testing
  • Reporting
  • RSS/Blog to email functionality
  • Segmentation Option
  • Social Sharing tools

Key Difference between the plans:

The main difference between these plans are as following

Automation Builder:

This is the most fascinating thing about Getresponse. The user has the leverage of building complex autoresponder sequences based on the behavior of the users. This feature is not available with Basic plan. You can leverage 5 automation with plus plan and no boundations with higher plans.


The user can build automated sales funnel using pre-made templates and tools. Basic plan has this option missing. Plus plan has a restriction of 5 funnels. Rest no restriction on higher plans.


A basic CRM option is made available to the users. Available with Plus plan and above.

User Accounts:

Basic plan has one user account. Plus plan can leverage 3 user accounts. With professional plan you can leverage 5 user accounts and 10 user accounts with Enterprise.


Available with plans Plus and above you can leverage a webinar platform. With Plus plan 100 attendees can do live sessions concurrently. With Professional 300 and with Enterprise 500 respectively.


Available with plan Plus and higher, the user can leverage an e-commerce store with a hell lot of functionality.

All in all Getresponse is a complete package that a person can expect. The features that it imbibes into itself makes this stand out on a pedestal way above other marketing tools out there.

All in all Getresponse is a complete package that a person can expect. The features that it imbibes into itself makes this stand out on a pedestal way above other marketing tools out there.

Now let’s dive into the features one by one:


The USP of Getresponse is its autoresponder. Autoresponders ate basically e-newsletters that you send to your subscribers. You can decide the timing as per your choice.

Getresponse autoresponder has got the most comprehensive functionality. You just have to spare sometime over it and you can frame the most complex sequence with utmost ease.

You can send time based or action based messages.

Time based like when some subscribe to your newsletter, some sale that is going to after sometime etc.

Action based can be very broad. It is totally dependent on user’s behaviour like;

  • Open
  • Subscription to a particular list
  • Clicks
  • Completed Goals
  • Birthdays
  • Changes in contact preferences
  • Changes in User Data

 Marketing Automation

A brand new feature by Getresponse which allow you to create automation workflow. The best part is that you don’t have to be a pro. A simple drag and drop builder is made available to get the automation done.

You basically have to setup an automation flowchart through the drag and drop builder that instructs the Getresponse what to do based on user’s behaviour

Getresponse Login

Responsive Email Designs

Getreponse leads the chart when responsive email designs is taken into consideration. Its responsive email design functionality automatically adjusts the e-newsletter’s template so that if a user is reading it on a mobile device, the layout and fonts will be automatically optimised.

Almost all the email marketing tools provider have this facility now, but fascinates me is the displaying option available in Getresponse and missing in all others. You can simple click on “mobile preview” button and see the preview that will appear on your mobile. You also see what the email looks like when the phone is in portrait or landscape accordingly.

 Getresponse e-newsletter templates

With the introduction of Beta version, the design quality has reached a pedestal. The new newsletter template are very professional in appearance. The downside is that the number of templates are a bit less in numbers and you can use them only for standard emails. This facility is not available to use with autoresponder cycle and automations workflow.

Another fascinating feature is the scalability. You can change fonts, layouts, images with utmost ease.

Additionally, you have the option to design templates in HTML and import code here.


Another fascinating thing about using this response the analytics feature. You will get an advanced reporting option. Open rate, Click through, unsubscribes rate and many more.

Additionally, there are some more features which are worth mentioning:

 One click segmentation:

This option identifies the people who did not engage with your newsletter in the first instance and create a different segment. You can go ahead with a new copy of newsletter

 Metrics Over Time:

It will tell you exactly when majority of your subscribers take action over your mails. This way you can schedule the timings of your mails.

 Email ROI:

You have the option to put down a code to your post sales page on your website. Using this you can track the effectiveness of your email compaign.

 E-Newsletter Performance Comparison

You can compare the performance of your newsletter side by side very easily.

Per-User Information

You can see the information of each subscriber in just one click.  

Split testing

This is yet another feature that I find missing in almost all the other service provider.

This feature allows you to spit test 5 messages simultaneously. You can use Subject header, from field, content and send time as variables for split testing.

 Landing Page Creator:

As per a study, landing pages are of prime importance for any business.  They have proven to generate far more leads compared to website.

I think Getresponse has caught this point very well. Getresponse offer a landing page creator which are also mobile friendly.

You have option for customising the landing page as per your needs. Nothing else can be that helpful.

The only downside is that this feature is not available with all the plans. You have to spend some extra buck and have to opt for expensive plans to leverage this facility. However, upon comparison, I found out that the cost of buying a third-party landing pages tool is much high. 


A newly introduced concept in Getreponse, this option gives you to host webinars on this platform.

On comparing the prices with already well-established platforms. I find this to be very reasonable. The price that I noticed were double to what Getresponse is offering.

The best part is that Getresponse allows you to use this webinar feature as an add-on with the basic plan also. You will have to spare $40 per month for 100 attendees or $99 for 500 attendees.

Plus plan allows you to host a webinar with up to 100 attendees, Professional plan has a 300 cap and Enterprise has 500.

Another amazing fats worth mentioning here related to this webinar feature:

Attendees need not to install any software to be a part of webinar.

The attendees have the option of recording the webinar in just one click.

Screensharing functionality

A free online storage is provided for playback files.


Getresponse Login

Getresponse CRM

One of the main reason why I love using this is the Getresponse CRM. Unlike other CRM tools you don’t need to do the exporting and importing part in order to shoot out your mails.

Getresponse CRM is integrated with its email marketing functionality. This allows you to add users to the CRM pipeline based on their behaviour like form completions, email opens, purchases etc. or trigger autoresponders based on the addition of a new contact to a pipeline stage.

So much functionality is there that it will turn your head off.

The downside that I find in this CRM is the inability to track email activity. While other CRM softwares allows you to BCC a dropbox email address while you are sending a mail to your client. Doing this you will have a record of the communication. This is missing in Getresponse CRM.

Task management is also missing here. You cannot assign a task to your team members.

Finally, adding contact to a pipeline stage is very difficult. You will have to add contact to a list first and will have to go to CRM pipeline, add a deal and will have to search a contact that you have added. This is very time consuming.

In conclusion Getresponse CRM is not a replacement of dedicated CRM, however worth a try with so many handy options available.

 Getresponse Autofunnel:

This feature allows to run and manage an e-commerce business. This plan is available with plans Plus and higher.

With this feature you can leverage the following features:

Create a product catalogue

Create and run Facebook Ad campaigns

Add subscribers to autoresponder cycle

Create Landing Page

Accept Paymenst for products.

Drive visitors to sales page

Send abandoned cart emails.

Integration with third party platforms bigcommerce, shopify etc is very easy.

This feature is a boon for business owner with a small team or is managing all the stuffs single headedly.

 Data management and deliverability

Opt-in processes

You can deploy two methods to capture subscribers to your mailing list. Single opt-in or a Double opt-in Process.

In single opt-in process, the subscriber signing up to your mailing list will be added directly, the moment they hit the submit button.

In double opt-in, the person signing up will be sent a confirmation mail to their inbox. After clicking on the confirmation link only, the person will be added to the mailing list.

 Data capture and forms

There are two ways to capture leads using Getresponse. You can customise the pre-defined templates and create a design of your choice or make an HTML template and import it to.

Data segmentation options

This is the most advance feature that I find missing with other email marketing softwares. You can segment your data through a simple click. The flexibility here in the date segmentation option is something worth a try.

 Getresponse deliverability

Email deliverability is one important metric that a user looks for. This is basically the percentage that of e-newsletter that is sent successfully reaches to the subscriber’s inbox.

After analysing and comparing a number of softwares, I found that Getresponse is very transparent in this regards.

After using it for a while, I found the delivery rate very good. Furthermore it gives deliverability rate of each message on your mail analytics.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Getresponse is very transparent when it comes to complying with the GDPR norms. The one thing that I found missing is that it does not have a two-factor authentication, where a user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of information — i.e., a password and a code sent via SMS.

 User Interface

Getresponse interface is user friendly. You can do all the basic stuffs like creating campaign, importing contacts, check statistics and create autoresponders.


Getresponse provides a very comprehensive support to people whenever they need it. But in the recent past they have discontinued their phone support. However the users have to option to take live chat support round the clock. Apart from this email support option is also available.

Another amazing thing is that email support is provided in 7 different language. English, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. You can choose one as per your choice.


Summarising the things, I can say overall Getresponse is something worth a try. The pros that it has supercedes the minimal cons it has.

Getresponse Login

  • To sum up, pros of using Getresponse are as follows:
  • Excellent marketing options
  • High End Reporting Features
  • Basic plan is cheaper than its competitors
  • Getresponse offers a handsome discount if you opt for longer duration plans.
  • Its Autofunnel feature allows the user ti manage sales funnels and e-commerce activity simultaneously.
  • CRM is yet another feature that gives you all the basic functionality.
  • Transparent Delivery Rates compared to its competitiors.
  • Webinar facility is an added advantage with Getresponse.
  • Flexible and easy data segmentation option
  • 24/7 Support for all plans
  • Compliance with GDPR
  • All Getresponse features are free for 30 days without the need for putting in credit card details

Even though lesser in number but there are some downsides also.

  • No two factor authentication
  • No phone support
  • Data capture form is not responsive

Please leave your comments below for any issues or any suggestions.

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