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How To Make a Lightsaber in Minecraft Education Edition Recipe – Techreviewsarena

Minecraft is an addictive game in which players create and explore a vast, never-ending virtual space, building anything they want using blocks. The Education Edition makes this version even better by providing an educational environment for players to learn science concepts by playing the game. In this version, players can create many cool things using science.

The Minecraft-Star Wars crossover has enabled players to create many Star Wars characters. But the education edition of Minecraft has made the game more fun for Star Wars fans, as you can now create a lightsaber in Minecraft: Education Edition.

The overall design of the Star Wars lightsaber is a simple one. Great for the movies, not so much for a real-life replica.

What is the challenge

Making a lightsaber in Minecraft is not as simple as it sounds, but it’s also not impossible. There’s always the option to cheat and use a mod, but I’d encourage you to learn how to do it the hard way first. The inputs translate directly to real world learnings that you can replicate in your own life.

How this article solves the problem

This article teaches you how to build a lightsaber in Minecraft. You will need to gather resources, construct tools, and use your knowledge of technology in order to complete your task. It will help to have researched Star Wars and watched the entire series, but this is not necessary.

The method I have demonstrated here requires almost no modding. The process is simple, and it works seamlessly in the latest version of minecraft. This was achieved with vanilla features, and it’s extremely easy to use. What are you waiting for? Make a lightsaber today!

You do not need any experience in programming. This is a simple, easy to use editor with a user interface that even your grandparents could learn how to use. That being said, some familiarity with minecraft mods and coding in java might be beneficial.

According to the Minecraft wiki, a lightsaber is not an actual weapon in Minecraft. Instead, the glow sticks that appear like a lightsaber are actually glow sticks of different colors. These glow sticks became famous as lightsabers because most YouTubers used this name for these glow sticks. Glow sticks are cool because they illuminate dark areas of your world. Let’s continue using the term “lightsaber” and find out how to craft one in Minecraft Education Edition.

Glow sticks became famous as lightsabers because most YouTubers used this name for them. They illuminate the surroundings in the dark and are really cool. Let’s continue using this name and find out how to make one in Minecraft Education Edition!

In Minecraft Education Edition there is currently no Lightsaber available in the game. Soldiers are currently having to create makeshift laser swords and staffs by putting torches on sticks. The color of the torches alters the hue of the weapon’s beam.

How to Make a Lightsaber in Minecraft Education Edition Recipe

In order to create a lightsaber in Minecraft, you will need the following materials:

  • 20 Carbon
  • 30 Hydrogen
  • 3 Nitrogen
  • 4 Oxygen
  • 1 Dye

There are many colors of dye which can be used, but green, blue and purple are the Star Wars lightsaber colors. After collecting all the elements, you need to go to the Compound creator.

A Compound creator is an item similar to many other Minecraft blocks. If you want to know how to use it, just right-click on it. The Compound creator will open up with blank spaces. You can add elements and create 25 or more compounds in it.

Polyethylene ( 10 Hydrogen + 10 Carbon)

To make one Polyethylene, you need ten carbon atoms and twenty hydrogen atoms (C2H4)5. Try the combination of that number of carbon and hydrogen atoms in the compound creator to get one Polyethylene. You will need six glow sticks. So, multiply 6 by 10, since you need ten carbons for each glow stick and multiply that by 20 because each glow stick needs 20 hydrogen atoms. That is a total of 60 carbon atoms and 120 hydrogen atoms needed for the compounds needed to make six glow sticks.

Luminol (7 Hydrogen + 8 Carbon+3 Nitrogen + 2 Oxygen)

To make a luminol-based glow stick, you need one compound of luminol. The chemical formula for luminol is C8H7N3O2, so it consists of eight carbons, seven hydrogens, three nitrogens, and two oxygen elements.

Hydrogen Peroxide (2 Hydrogen+2 Oxygen)

To craft a glow stick in Minecraft, you need one bottle of hydrogen peroxide. To create this compound in real life, you need two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. The chemical formula is H₂O₂, which is very close to the formula for water: H₂O. All you need are an additional two oxygen atoms—and a compound creator at home or school will help you get them!

You have created all the compounds needed to make a lightsaber in Minecraft Education Edition. To craft a lightsaber, place the dye in the center slot of the crafting grid and then place Hydrogen peroxide in the top slot of that same slot. Do the same for Luminol, placing it in the bottom slot of the center slot.

You can craft a lightsaber by filling the remaining slots with Polyethylene. The crafting grid will then craft a lightsaber for you. The color of the lightsaber will match the color of dye used; red will produce a red lightsaber, etc.

When playing Minecraft, most players use the first-person mode. But some players enjoy shifting to third-person mode, which allows them to see their avatar grab a lightsaber. The lightsaber will illuminate and brighten up as you shake it.

Making a Lightsaber in Minecraft Legends Mod

In Legends Mod, you can craft and wield a lightsaber. These are not simply glowing sticks but are powerful melee weapons that can be upgraded to do extra damage.

Lightsaber forges allow you to create lightsabers for your character on the planets Tython and Korriban. You can use the lightsabers of Jedis or Sith lords, or customize or modify them in lightsaber forges. Once you have created a lightsaber, you can equip it by using an Equip key.

To create a lightsaber in Minecraft Legends Mod, you need to collect various materials. You can either locate these materials or buy them. The materials are as follows:

  • 1 Energy Modulation Circuit
  • Power Vortex Ring
  • 2 Field Energizers
  • 1 Insert Power Insulators
  • 1 Magnetic Stabilizing Ring
  • 1 Kyber Crystal Shard
  • 1 Diatium Power Cells

To purchase these compounds, you can travel to Planet Korriban and speak with Darth Burok. He will be selling the compounds; you may also purchase them from Master Harkis.

You can craft a lightsaber from the default parts of lightsabers in the game.

Default lightsabers

The default lightsabers are as follows:

  • Chosen 1 V1 (Anakin’s Episode 1 lightsaber)
  • Chosen 1 V2 (Anakin’s Episode 2 lightsaber)
  • Guardian V1 (Kenobi’s Episode 1 lightsaber)
  • Guardian V2 (Kenobi’s Episode 2 lightsaber)
  • Guardian V3 (Kenobi’s Episode 3 lightsaber)
  • Vader’s Lightsaber
  • Templars (Jedi Temple lightsaber pikes)
  • Malgus Lightsaber
  • Spectre (Ezra’s lightsaber)
  • Consular (Qui Gonn’s lightsaber)
  • Champion (Windu’s purple lightsaber)
  • Darksaber
  • Cataclysm (Luke’s lightsaber)
  • Tano lightsaber
  • Opress (Savage Opress Double-bladed lightsaber)
  • Mauler’s lightsaber (Darth Maul’s lightsaber)

The parts of any of the above lightsabers can be used to modify or customize a lightsaber.

Note: Assembly of the LED lightsabers is very simple. The difficulty lies in wiring the diode, resistors and capacitors for a circuit correctly. However, this task can be done by cutting out traces on a solderable breadboard and connecting wires with alligator clips to each end of every component on both ends. The lightsabers are powered by four AA batteries (1.5 volts each) and have been tested up to three hours at 100% brightness without any failure of any part of the lightsaber

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