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The Best iPhone Scanner Apps to Download Now

Since the pandemic, you’ve been working from the comfort of your house. You do everything in your home office from printing documents to sending emails. Now your boss needs you to do something that you can’t do.

They need you to scan a document and send it to them. That means you’ve got to head to your local office store and pick up a scanner. It’s not something that you have the money for.

What if we told you that you can hold on to your cash? There are great iPhone scanner apps that will do the trick.

There are so many programs out there that it can be hard to find the right one for your needs. Check out this guide to learn what you should be on the lookout for.

Adobe Scan 

Adobe Scan is a free app that can handle any document you throw at it as long as it’s a clean PDF. That’s the only file type that the app can export.

Even though Adobe scan is a bit limited in what it can do, it’s easy to use. The app also has text recognition. That means you can scan a business card and use the data to create a new contact.

Those who don’t do a lot of scanning can get by with the free version of the app. If you’re going to be using it a lot, however, you may want to upgrade to the paid version.

You’ll gain the ability to make multiple scans at once. You’ll also be able to export your scans into other programs like Microsoft Powerpoint and Word.

Apple Notes

Did you know that you already have a good document scanner on your iPhone? You can scan a paper and sign it using Apple Notes.

The app is free and it integrates with the entire Apple ecosystem. You can scan a document with your phone and type in it using your MacBook.

Of course, Apple notes can’t do anything too fancy, but if you only need to do the basics, this app can take care of it.

Microsoft Office Lens

If you do a lot of work in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, you should consider picking up Microsoft Office Lens. The app is easy to use and works seamlessly with all the programs in the Office suite.

The thing that this app does best is text recognition. That’s about the only thing that it does well.

The scan quality isn’t as great as what you can get out of a lot of other apps. There aren’t a lot of sharing options available either.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro can scan apps in a hurry. It has a smart detection feature that will prevent it from cutting off borders. This feature can eliminate shadows from the image as well.

After you scan the document, you’ll be able to search within it to find specific text. Once you scan a document, it will save it by syncing up to the Cloud.

Like many iPhone scanner apps you can get, there is a free option of Scanner Pro. Unless you pay about 20 bucks a year, though, all your documents will have a watermark on them.

Scanner Unlimited 

If you’re looking for an app with options, Scanner Unlimited has you covered. It can scan documents, QR codes, business cards, and barcodes.

It has a signing feature that will allow multiple people to sign a single document. With the quick share ability, you can use the app to share your documents with several other people. It works with Facebook Messenger,
WhatsApp, Slack, and Gmail.

You can use the app to send documents via fax, and you can convert anything into a PDF.

As far as price goes, Scanner Unlimited is free for a few days. You’ll be able to get your feet wet with the app and try out all it has to offer before purchasing it.

Swift Scan 

When it comes to business, organization is more important than almost anything else. If you have a bunch of documents scattered about on your phone, it’s easy to lose track of stuff.

That’s where Swift Scan comes in handy. You’ll be able to sort your scanned docs into folders.

It also has a smart naming feature that will let you name all your folders. The app will save your documents by syncing up to the Cloud.

It can handle a wide range of document types like business cards and photos.

PDF Document Sign

The last scanning app for iPhone that we’re going to talk about is PDF Document Sign. If you’re not too tech-savvy, you’ll be happy to know that this document scanner is pretty straightforward to use.

It can scan a wide variety of documents, such as notes, receipts, and fax papers. Whatever you scan, you’ll be able to save it as multiple pages.

You can convert your documents into PDFs and JPEGs. The quality can be questionable depending on what settings you pick.

You can choose from three different settings: low, HD, and medium quality.

That’s it for us. For tips that will walk you through scanning with your iPhone visit, https://setapp.com/how-to/how-to-scan-a-document-with-iphone-or-ipad.

Choosing the Best iPhone Scanner App for Your Needs

If you’re working from home, you’re going to need certain office appliances. One of these things is a scanner.

You can go out and buy one, or you can use an iPhone scanner app. There are a lot of them out there that you can pick from. We hope that this article has helped you narrow down your choice.

For more tips that will help you turn your mobile device into a powerful office tool, visit the Technology section of our blog.



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