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The Future of Human and Machine Interaction

Between us and our computing devices, there is a user interface. The way we communicate with these machines and how they communicate back with us is essential to having a great user experience.

Those days are behind us when we only communicated with a machine using our hands and fingers. Today, voice-enabled AI is changing the way we interact with machines, enter commands, and get things done. If you want to give a simple command to Google like “Spectrum Internet offers near me,” you don’t have to type in, instead, you can give a voice command to Siri or Alexa.

When voice-based interactions were being developed, it was just a gamble. In most cases, the system could not hear you correctly, or it misinterpreted what you said. Now, look at how smooth digital assistants and speech recognition programs have become. They are getting smart and accurate with time. Human beings are now accustomed to Voice-based interactions. Saying Hey Alexa or OK Google doesn’t sound awkward today. In fact, when someone isn’t interacting with machines in this way, that is considered strange.

Voice Commands Have Taken Over

Speech recognition is growing tremendously. There are some possible explanations for it. First of all, it’s convenient to give voice commands than using your hands to do everything. Let’s say you are driving your car, and you want to send an urgent text. If voice commands weren’t available, you would have stopped your car to type the text. But now, you don’t have to do it. All you have to do is switch to voice-based inputs and say whatever you want to say. In other words, you can say your query out loud and get it addressed in a matter of time.

Thanks to AI and ML, we have mastered voice search in a matter of years. But this is not the end of it, there is more to come. It’s safe to say that voice-based commands with machines has turned into a new norm.

Alternative Ways to Interact With Machines

Voice commands are not the only to interact with machines. Many contenders are likely even to replace speech and manual entry one day. Let’s check them out:

  • Gestures

It’s one of the most interesting forms of communication with machines. Instead of instructing the device what it should and shouldn’t do, you only move your eyes in a certain pattern to perform a specific function. You can also move your finger in the air to give commands.

Remember that gestures are silent, and they can be abstract as compared to voice. The only problem is technology is not ready to make them mainstream yet. But who knows they are already around the corner?

  • Thoughts

Many companies are looking into the possibilities of using the brain to interact with machines. Imagine being able to control your PC or smartphone through your thoughts the same way you give commands to your legs and arms. This technology is in its early phase. A lot of research and development is yet required to make it happen.

  • Other Methods

It is hard to predict the future of human and machine interaction, so we cannot rule out the possibility of other models. There is a possibility that tech innovators come up with a novel means of communication that we haven’t even thought out.

We are nowhere close to the tech environment seen in the movie “Minority Report” that predicts the future of 17 years from now. But the integration of voice interface with the display environment puts us one step on that path.


Voice-based controls and communication remain the dominant way of interacting with machines and exchanging information. Customers are pleased with it as well. You won’t have to remember the Spectrum phone number. All you have to do is ask Siri or Google Assistant to do that on your behalf.

In the future, we might be able to give commands through gestures and control devices through our minds. It is yet to see how the future of machine and human interaction unfolds in the days to come.

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