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Thinking Of Starting A Telemarketing Business?

As someone looking to start a business, when you hear the word telemarketing, all kinds of images may come to mind. You might very well picture a room full of pushy salespeople on telephones, trying to talk consumers into buying something they don’t want or need. Maybe that’s so, maybe not.

The truth is, there are many reputable telemarketing services that operate with honesty and integrity, offering consumers much-needed products and services. You too, can be the proud owner of such a business and make a fantastic living while doing so.

Huge Profitability

At present, the telemarketing industry is responsible for bringing in close to $25 billion a year in revenue. That’s an impressive amount for just about any industry. Additionally, there are approximately over 9000 telemarketing firms operating in the United States alone, all sharing a piece of that huge profit pie.

Perhaps that’s why increasing numbers of businesspeople open new telemarketing firms annually. The one true conclusion you can absolutely jump to when it comes to the telemarketing industry, is that it provides many services and opportunities that a great number of consumers consistently take advantage of.

That’s a very happy fact for someone starting a new telemarketing business.

Telemarketing Defined

Telemarketing companies first emerged in the United States in the late 1950s,  employing sales people to telephone solicit potential customers in an attempt to sell them products or services. In today’s market, this is generally done over the phone and on the internet and to a lesser degree by fax.

Telephone has always been and continues to be the most prevalent method utilized.

Furthermore, telemarketing may be employed for a variety of reasons that include not only selling a product or service, but also setting up appointments, taking surveys, updating individual consumer information, as well as calling the general public to action for various reasons.

Starting Up

In beginning any new business, you of course, need to come up with a good idea or niche within your industry; will you be selling a service or product and who will be your audience?

It’s extremely helpful to be familiar with and knowledgeable of the particular thing you’ll be marketing.

Your company’s name is your introduction to the general public, so it’s extremely important that it reflects what you’re marketing, as well as your high level of professionalism and integrity; a company that consumers can trust. With a strong business plan in place, you will need to have the funding needed to rent a location for at least six months, buy equipment and supplies, hire employees, purchase qualified leads, acquire all necessary licenses, permits and insurance and be able to cover all other expenses, expected or not.

High Risk For Merchant Accounts

If you are planning to accept credit and debit card payments, which is more often than not, a necessity in the telemarketing field, you will need to acquire a merchant account.

The bad news is that due to poor industry reputation, large numbers of customer disputes and chargebacks, as well as card-not-present fraud, banks consider telemarketing to be an extremely high-risk industry.

This will make it exceedingly difficult and expensive to obtain your much-needed merchant account. It will also lock you into unfavorable long-term contracts with the banks.

For Every Problem There’s A Solution

The good news is, you’re not all alone in this process. You’ll need the help of a proven and successful high-risk merchant processing company so that acquiring your merchant account will prove to be easy and inexpensive.

We’re First Card Payments and we’ve been in the high-risk merchant account business for twenty years. We have the experience, know-how and banking contacts necessary to get the job done for you quickly and easily at 25% less than our competitor’s rates, guaranteed.

In fact, once we’ve gotten you your merchant account, we’ll remain at your side for the long haul and do all we can to support you in maintaining it. We’re always there when and if you need us. That’s a promise we make to all of our clients and we’ll do the same for you. Come talk to us. We’ll have you accepting credit and debit card payments in no time!

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