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Top 10 Trending YouTube Ideas To Start Your Own Channel

YouTube is a majorly followed platform in the current times and for that matter you must know what all topics or genres are currently trending on this platform of social media. I’m pretty sure you have spent time on this application more than you should have. Been there, done that. But there might be a lot of you out there who must be wondering if they too can start their own channel on YouTube. But for that you can’t just go ahead and make any video, you need to know trending YouTube ideas, what kind of videos are the viewers out there searching for.

So here are your top 10 trending YouTube ideas that will not go out of  style.

  • Cooking: This is some new trend of starting your very own cooking challenge. Besides the applications like Zomato and Swiggy, there are lot of people out there have started a hobby of cooking. Some want to keep it healthy with salads and smoothies. Some on the other hand want to go all the way strong with cheese and deep fry dishes. Whatever it is, there are YouTube vlogs available for both.
  • Fitness: Another trend spreading like fire. There are professional trainers, or just people who have been working out for years, there people have started their very own fitness blog with proper videos of exercise routines. They focus on how much you can do in one session, which part of the body and how many exercises for how many minutes or repetitions. They provide you with the smallest details about fitness and is one of forever trending YouTube ideas
  • Technology reviews: All those technology fanatics out there, half of you already have your very own YouTube channel and the other half love to watch their videos. The people who are filled with curiosity about new gadgets coming out everyday or if you are just interested in buying something but you are not sure about it, YouTube which can help you make an informed decision or simply keep you updated with the latest. If you are a tech genius you can adopt this idea to start your own YouTube channel.
  • Shopping Hauls: Then there are those shopping applications which you are not sure if you should buy something from or not. Well, in order to be sure you just need to go to those bloggers’ YouTube channels who do these shopping hauls from these not so famous shopping sites or markets and tell you how trusted the particular place can be. Shopping basically means buying a lot of things and no one has enough clothes to be satisfied, so this can be good idea for your YouTube Channel.
  • Home remedies: We all know a bunch of dadi ji ke nuskhe for a lot of common problems that people face on a regular basis. Like rubbing half cut garlic on pimples, papaya extract as hair conditioner, honey lemon for weight loss, and I can just keep naming them. But now people can know these remedies without having to call their dadi because they will be happily available on your YouTube channel. Instead of using chemical products or spending a lot of money in the salon, people are actually preferring home remedies over it.
  • How to videos: These are basically videos teaching you how to do something. And these are actually pretty general regarding genre. How to make tea, how to delete an account, how to setup WiFi, how to fold a shirt. It’s anything and everything people possibly want to know. So if you are a responsible person who knows perfection in everything why don’t you start teaching it through YouTube.
  • Diy/Arts and Crafts: I personally love these videos. If you love arts and crafts and you know how to make new things with cheaper and daily use items you know what to do. You can also include videos of decoration items, even special decoration such as for Diwali or Christmas, videos of painting and drawing techniques that you have learned. If you know various gift wrapping techniques and do it yourself videos for clothing, greeting cards or shoes.
  • Pranks: Oh this is another one of most liked videos on YouTube. This is actually something unusual but it got popular because people love to laugh at other people’s misery. Okay, went too far but it’s true. If you know how to make others laugh, you can start doing pranks and upload these videos on YouTube. There are so many new and unique ways of pranking coming out like every week that you can even learn.
  • Fashion tips: What to wear to a school picnic, what to wear to an interview, what to wear on a date night or what to wear on winter morning, there is literally thousands of options for YouTube. How you can make a huge wardrobe out of one big sweater and how you can turn your wardrobe into looking very rich with some simple tricks. And what colours go together or what shoes to wear with certain outfits. If you are a fashion enthusiast you can start your YouTube channel with any of these ideas and people won’t have to worry about their wardrobe malfunction anymore.
  • Travel blog: If you love to travel then you can share it with your viewers through YouTube. All the videos you take of amazing views and sceneries you come across while travelling. The food of different places, the clothes, the culture, people share all of this through travel blogs. There are a lot of dos and don’ts too, of different places. So if anyone is looking to travel someplace new and you know how to be properly prepared for your travel, you can just go ahead and share your experience.

These are the most trending YouTube ideas that you can adopt to start your own Youtube channel. If you have more ideas for starting a YouTube channel don’t forget to share it in the comments below.

Author Bio: Written by Meghan Hale, a content writer, and editing machine. She is working with Pearl Lemon Property. You’ll find me yelling at my dog to stop barking, whether it be at the neighbors or on a long afternoon walk
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