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Video Wall Considerations Essential to Know For Effective Security Operations!


We all want effective security operations in interactive displays to acquire the data whenever needed. It can only happen if the making company keeps an eagle eye on essential video wall considerations. In this post, we talk about the latest technologies and processors that must be present in video wall displays anyhow for a better customer experience.


An effective & efficient security operations center is the most crucial element for an organization. Thinking why? Well, it enables us to promptly observe information of the surrounding situation and to decide what is appropriate as per the situation. Then take steps according to the circumstances. This well-known decision-making rule is generally called as OODA Loop where it stands for

  • O – Observe
  • O – Orient
  • D – Decide, and
  • A – Act

This Loop was objectified by Colonel of the US Air Force, John Boyd for the purpose of full-proof air combat operations at the time of the Korean War. The main objective was to decentralize organization commands while utilizing an objective-driven approach rather than rely on the creative or mental capabilities of a particular person. This way organizations were then able to take quick action and hence it often applied for understanding emergency & commercial security operations.

Role of video wall displays in SOC

A video wall system allows operators to check on the different inputs of information to improve the SOC’s ability to observe, think, and act according to coming conditions or threats. This way it ultimately enhances situational security, safety, and awareness. Choosing the exact visual tool enables stakeholders to keep an eye on the wider scene since they have an effective dashboard of “situational awareness” in front of them.

Moreover, it comes in several sizes and shapes to fit your requirements. It presents you with visual and graphical information within the room. No doubt that selecting the correct video wall technology type is quite important for improving the inclusive effectiveness of the dashboard.

Various considerations which will shape the decisions for technology in video wall displays are space constraints, ergonomics, budget, and content type. Understanding your design consideration and priorities will certainly help the maker company to work on the right solutions you wanted.

Selecting Technology in video wall display

3 prime display technologies (solid-state) categories that are used for the latest SOC video walls are as follows- LED, DLP, and LCD.

LCD involves individual tiled displays or Quad-HD displays fixed together for the creating unmatchable large digital canvas.

However, DLP is different from LCD. DLP includes an LED-lit projection system or projection cubes. Whereas, LED display is the new addition to display technologies arsenal offers very bezel-less displays. Furthermore, it provides you with unbeatable & exceptional image fidelity across your chosen video wall.

Apart from that, before choosing the perfect option, you should understand a lot about your priorities and attribute for video walls to attain the objectives.

Here are some main attributes you can check!

  • Viewing distances
  • Orientation and size of the audience
  • Viewing angles
  • Overall footprint
  • Space design
  • Lighting – ambient environment
  • The total cost of ownership
  • Contrast Ratio
  • Brightness
  • Seamlessness
  • Expectations for Product lifetime
  • Power redundancy
  • Resolution vs. Visual acuity
  • Construction
  • Mounting consideration

A perfectly designed and effective video wall display system considers all these factors to deliver the most productive “visual communication tool” to the Security operations center.

In fact, if you want more addition, you can connect with professionals for a selection of display designs to enhance the overall space effectiveness.

Consider processing technology for video wall

A video wall processor is one of the best tools to compliment the display by providing “oriented” information present in SOC collections. Not to doubt, inputs can be easily arranged logically across the selected display so that users dynamically and quickly change and control; thus, orienting content as required.

Types of video wall processors

There are 2 types of processors in video walls commonly used in SOC, that are network distributed and monolithic processors. Where monolithic is based on a design of a single Integrated circuit, networks leverage the quality of both IP based and audiovisual technologies in one single platform.

A monolithic is usually a single or amalgamation of hardware frames which give finite source inputs for a particular format type, within one location. But this is not the network case. The network operations center is very functional, flexible in design that can hold multiple display walls with the help of SOC. Also, a particular organization can expand and grow more easily and affordably, benefiting the stakeholders to access information when it is required the most.

Just like design attributes, it’s essential to look at the factors when it comes to choosing a processor. Here is the list you need to have in the video wall processor-

  • Network configuration
  • Source location
  • Source format
  • Bandwidth
  • Classification and credential control
  • Security
  • Number of users
  • End of user operation
  • Functional requirements
  • Number of sources
  • Support requirements for long term

 What to look next?

In today’s scenario, it is very much essential to have deep technology consideration for both front & back end video walls to be efficient and effective. Coordinating with professionals is of utmost importance to narrow down your long list and give you perfect solutions without any hassle. So, whatever is in your mind, talk with the hiring company. They not only listen to you patiently but also work on your priorities.

The Final Note!

When it comes to the best technology and interactive display, it’s essential to rely on a reliable and professional company. Right? Prysm Systems is reckoned as a trusted company that can keep on check on several parameters while making displays for customers.

The display can turn into a 3-in-1 solution where you can get the facility of wireless screen sharing, whiteboards, and cloud-based digital workspace in just a few seconds. It’s time to bring your favorite desktop or cloud applications to ensure data is available whenever you want it. If you still want to know more about the display and installed technologies & processor, visit the website. There you will get every minute detail you are looking for!

A website dedicated to giving people a perfect buyer’s guide so as to help them choose the best product for themselves. While screening products, we keep our eyes blindfolded for the brand name engraved in the product so as to ensure an unbiased review. There are multiple steps that we take while preparing this list, which includes checking out the specifications, features reviews prices, etc. Happy Shopping !!!!


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