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What Is an SEO Report and Why Is It Important for Business?

Tracking data is one of the foundational pillars of a successful marketing strategy, and SEO is a perfect example. It is not a surprise that as many as 76 percent of marketers base their decisions on data analytics.

What is surprising is how many businesses ignore their analytics tools, which places a limit on their strategies. Well, that’s good news for you, as there’s less competition standing in your way.

Let’s talk about what an SEO report can do for your site’s ranking in 2022!

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What Is an SEO Report?

SEO reporting is a critical step in an SEO strategy whereby marketers track the key performance indicators (KPIs) of their SEO campaign. These metrics offer important insight into the function of a campaign, its effectiveness, and areas of weakness.

By understanding these KPIs, you can make adjustments to your website that will help you direct users to specific pages, improve UX, and drive new leads to your website.

When used correctly, this will help improve your website’s effectiveness in every direction. Remember, your website is the center of your entire digital marketing strategy, so it isn’t just your SEO value that will benefit!

Why Is SEO Reporting So Important?

Without proper SEO reporting, developing an SEO strategy becomes the same as running an obstacle course when you’re the only one blindfolded. Without understanding these metrics, you won’t know how to improve them.

There isn’t a website on the internet that can’t benefit from some type of SEO improvement. However, finding the necessary improvements is the real challenge, which can’t be done without the proper analytics tools.

Currently, only 30 percent of businesses have an SEO strategy, which means that now is a perfect time to get ahead. SEO is becoming far more competitive every year, which means standards are only getting higher both for Google and users.

Users spend most of their time on high-quality sites like Facebook and YouTube, which are hard to compete with. Remember, SEO goes hand-in-hand with user experience (UX) on every front, meaning that boosting your SEO strategy will have a noticeable benefit on your paid ad conversion rates and other marketing campaigns.

Also, you’ll develop a quality online reputation, which will improve your brand’s trust rating, increase your visibility and leads, and potentially build long-term brand awareness and loyalty within your target market!

Most Important Aspects of an SEO Report

Different companies and industries will have different target audiences, standards, and more that will affect the metrics of their campaigns. However, the most important metrics stay fairly consistent. In most cases, these reports will cover KPIs including:

  • Bounce rates
  • Conversion rates (purchase and non-purchase)
  • Engagement rates
  • How traffic comes in
  • Social media interactions (shares, likes, etc.)
  • Average purchase size
  • External factors (backlinks, blacklists, etc.)

The list goes on, but these are a good start to help improve your campaign. If you notice you have a high bounce rate, then you may need to improve the engagement of your website, navigation system, loading times, or more.

A high bounce rate can be the result of several issues, but with a thorough SEO report, you’ll have a better understanding of where you lose traffic and why. For example, if you notice that one landing page has a particularly high bounce rate, then you’ll know where effort is needed.

Moreover, it’s critical to have an in-depth look into your site’s SEO performance. Otherwise, you may find yourself pouring resources into fixing something that isn’t broken.

Now, you may find your website is lacking in one of these KPIs, but don’t worry. With the right tools, you’ll have expect insights into addressing these issues. Let’s talk about that.

How to Get an SEO Report

Now that you know why SEO reports are so important and what to look for, you’re probably interested in getting one yourself. So, will your average analytics tools help you? Well, not exactly.

Most analytics tools will offer the data you need to succeed, but they won’t offer much in the way of solutions.

See, to truly boost your SEO score, you’ll need concrete solutions to your problems, which you can only get from a quality SEO audit. Fortunately, we live in a time when you can get those for free! Click to learn more about using online SEO audit tools.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Once you have determined the causes of your lagging SEO strategy, you must put forth the resources necessary to fix them as soon as possible. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

If you find you need major changes to your website, it may be worth it to ask Google to recrawl your site, especially if it’s not a very popular site. Otherwise, it may take a few weeks for the information to reach Google’s attention.

However, the time it takes for your SEO efforts to see results will depend on several factors, including the significance of your changes, your competition, and more. In general, you can expect to see improvements within a few weeks after your updates, but if you have a smaller website, don’t be surprised if it takes longer.

Boost Your SEO Today

Now that you know what an SEO report can do for your marketing strategy, get a free audit yourself and start making improvements. The sooner you do, the sooner you can enjoy the rewards, which often last for years!

Start today and stay up to date with our latest marketing tips to help grow your company!

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